Tamenhint Aircraft Maintenance and Development Compound

The Tamenhint compound was established for the maintenance and development of aircraft at the expense of the Military Industrialization Organization and was inaugurated in 1985. It includes halls and hangars and is equipped with the latest devices and equipment that are used for the overhaul and development of aircraft.

Tamenhint Compound is an advanced center for Umrah and Development, where a very sophisticated special workshop was brought to the overhaul of aircraft engines during the year 2008 AD and contracts were signed with Italian companies to train specialists to carry out these maintenance.

The compound employs approximately 750 engineers and technicians and can accommodate more than 2,500 employees.

The compound contains residential villages for manpower and technical assistance, and more than one is being implemented 200 apartments recently.

The compound is equipped with a helipad for testing aircraft after the overhaul and maintenance operations, and Tamenhint Civil Airport was established during the year 2015 on this runway.