Meeting of the Director of the MIO and the Directors of Complexes, Factories and General Administrations at the Industrial High School of Bani Walid

Bani Walid November 02.2021
It comes within the framework of activating the industrial secondary school in Bani Walid, in receiving new students after a period of hiatus over the previous years, as the secondary school was reorganized by updating the disciplines, regulations and laws governing it. As the industrial secondary school was opened in 1982 as a military technical training institution to graduate military and technicians and qualify them to cover the protests of the centers and complexes of the military industrialization apparatus, the Libyan army and various industrial complexes in Libya. And that they have an active role in operating the factories and contributing to their development. It also contributes to raising the level of scientific and technical competencies of the military and civilians in the military industrialization apparatus and the Libyan army, and cooperating with higher and middle industrial institutes and centers in the technical, training and development fields.
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The Annual Periodic Meeting of the MIO

SbeeA October 20.2021
With the presence of the Director of the MIO, the general administrations, the administrations of industrial complexes, industrial centers, offices, and qualitative administration, the annual periodic meeting of the MIO was held. The purpose of this meeting is to raise awareness of the role of investment through the management and operation of the production units affiliated to the Authority through the participation of the public sector, private sector, and foreign companies for the purpose of developing the national economy and achieving material and moral returns for the manufacturing system. Read More

Cooperation between the MIO and the Ministry of Technical Education

Tripoli October 13, 2021
The Minister of Technical Education has met the Director of the Military Industrialization Apparatus to discuss ways of joint coordination between the two institutions and open horizons for cooperation and direct partnership, as well as exchanging visits to see the technical, industrial, and scientific capabilities between the two institutions. The meeting, which was attended by the Director of the Training and Rehabilitation Department, the Director of Technical Affairs and Production, the Director of the Industrial High School, Bani Walid, and on behalf of the Ministry, the Undersecretary for Diwan and Development Affairs, dealt with the development of a mechanism aimed at developing a national technology based on local invention and innovation, and the establishment of technical and technical workshops, as well as Holding and sponsoring scientific conferences and keeping pace with industrial and technical development. The meeting concluded with the formation of joint committees to solve technical bottlenecks represented in studying technical and industrial problems and developing proposals to solve them by scientific and applied methods, in addition to research, projects, and graduation proposals for students of colleges and higher technical institutes. The conferees concluded their meeting with the necessity of cooperation in the field of technical and training by exploiting the human potential of both parties and granting seats for internal and external delegation and completion of graduate studies.

Under the Slogan Made in Libya

Based on the keenness of the management of the military industrialization to exploit and harness the human and technical capabilities to support the Libyan industry, and to contribute to the growth of the national economy through its complexes, centers and factories. Where the Director of the Military Industrialization met with His Excellency the Minister of Industry and Minerals, the President of the Federation of Industry and the Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the Made in Libya Exhibition. Through this event, the Authority will participate effectively and principally in the exhibition scheduled to be held in November 2021 in Tunisia, in which major industrial institutions and companies will participate.

The Libyan Academy

Wednesday 8/9/2021, The Director of the Military Industrialization Organization at the headquarters of the Libyan Academy met with the President of the Academy, the Undersecretary for Scientific Affairs at the Academy and the General Registrar, in order to follow up the implementation of the joint cooperation agreement concluded between the Libyan Academy and the Military Industrialization Organization to raise the level of educational attainment of the two parties’ affiliates, and to develop scientific and applied research in all fields of common interest.

Technical and industrial development work

The headquarters of the Ministry of Defense - This morning, Monday, December 28, 2020 AD, the Minister of Defense of the Government of National Accord, Dr. Salah Al-Din Al-Nimroush, met the Dean of Dr. Eng. Abdul Hamid Al-Twair, Director of the Military Industrialization Organization, and Colonel Dr. Eng. Muhammad Al-Sahuli, Director of the Industrial Secondary School Bani Walid. The meeting aims to discuss everything related to the industrial complexes of the Ministry of Defense, and this comes after the directions of His Excellency the Minister to accelerate the partnership with the foreign and local partner to implement the works of technical and industrial development and training in cooperation with the industrial secondary school of Bani Walid.

The visit of His Excellency the Minister of Defense of the Government of National Accord and the Chief of the General Staff of the Libyan Army to the Military Industrialization Organization of the Sabaia Industrial Complex

Within the framework of the efforts made to find out and follow up on the bodies affiliated with the military institution, yesterday morning, Tuesday, November 24, 2020 AD, the Minister of Defense of the Government of National Accord, Dr. Salah al-Din al-Numroush, and the Chief of General Staff of the Libyan Army, Lieutenant General Muhammad al-Haddad, visited the Military Industrialization Organization In the Sabaa Industrial Complex, where the director of the MIC and a group of officers and engineers affiliated with the apparatus were at the forefront of its reception. Where Dr. Engineer / Abdul Hamid Al-Twair, Director of the Agency, presented a visual presentation in which he dealt with the components of the device and the special capabilities of each component and the current productive projects in the device with its military and civil nature. During this visit, His Excellency the Minister of Defense and the Chief of the General Staff, accompanied by the Director of the Agency, made an inspection tour of the industrial complex and the production workshops in the complex and visited the exhibition of the products of the military and civil apparatus complexes and factories, where they were briefed on some samples of the products that had been previously and presently manufactured. At the end of this visit, His Excellency the Minister praised the efforts of the staff of the agency and recorded a word in the visit log. After that, His Excellency the Minister of Defense and the Chief of the General Staff went to an inspection visit to Omar Askar Hospital, where they toured the hospital’s facilities, in which an overview was presented about the departments and specialties that could be activated and start providing their services in the near future.


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