A joint cooperation agreement between the Libyan Academy for Graduate Studies and the Military Industrialization Authority

Areas of joint cooperation between the two parties, in particular, are represented in the following:

  1. Cooperation between the two parties at the level of postgraduate studies, seeking to raise the level of research and science.
  2. Conducting joint scientific research of mutual interest between the two parties.
  3. Exchange of letters, theses, pamphlets, periodicals, scientific journals, the works of lecturers and specialists that have a mutual benefit for both parties, and the organization of conferences, seminars, discussion sessions and joint scientific workshops.
  4. The exchange of faculty members and specialists in graduate studies, research and development programs, and the possibility for both parties to benefit from visiting professors for both parties.
  5. Research faculty members on both sides are entitled to teach and supervise master’s theses and doctoral theses for students of both parties as needed and in line with the legislation in force.
  6.  Enabling members of the Military Industrialization Organization (MIO) who hold a bachelor’s or bachelor’s degree and faculty members with higher degrees (masters) to benefit from postgraduate programs in the specializations available in the Libyan Academy for Graduate Studies and its branches.
  7. Cooperation in other areas proposed by either party and which are approved