Logitech G HUB Advanced Gaming Software, RGB & Game Profiles

GameStream Co-op enables you to stream games to your friends over error code diver warzone the Internet and play together cooperatively . Capture screenshots up to 4K, and upload to Imgur and Google Photos with the click of a button. Fixed Driver installation failure related to cases where intermediate reboot was required. Fixed case where GeForce Experience installation would not resume after reboot. Upload screenshots and Ansel 360 captures to Facebook.

  • It’s worth noting because comparable products from companies like Logitech do offer detailed camera customization via software.
  • It’s similar with the bells and whistles in Plasma; I probably use a single-digit percentage of them, but they are probably different set from what other users use.
  • Logitech Webcam Software, formerly known as QuickCam, contains the most recent and latest drivers for Logitech webcams.
  • Are you struggling to read the text and play games on it?

Can you check what the rendering scale is set to in your graphics settings? Playing at my monitor’s native res of 1366 x 768 with the same res set in game, scaling in game set to 200% and setting it to 100% does not help.


Im thinking its something to do with windows 7..before i had windows xp. But as soon as i plugged my monitor with my new pc i got this problem. Of course, if you try these tips and are still having issues, make an appointment with an eye doctor to make sure nothing more serious is going on. You can find an eye doctor here with our Find an eye doctor tool. Right click on the application in which you are facing issues. This solution requires a bit of manual work, and you will have to repeat it individually for all those applications in which you see blurred text. There is still a little blurriness when moving from large to small window, and also note that Windows has set the 4K monitor to 150% Scaling for 4K monitor, and 100% for 1080p monitor.

Other causes of sudden blurred vision

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COD Modern Warfare 2: BEST Vaznev

Make sure to check the box of “Record Webcam Overlay When Recording” and choose your webcam and overlay size. Though Logitech capture software has a live text overlay, it still lacks a drawing tool to add information to content. Logitech webcam software Windows 10 can record microphone sounds either from the Logitech webcam or an external microphone.